Grand Rapids Camera Club



We compete in the following categories.

  • Assigned
  • Creative
  • Monochrome
  • Nature
  • Open
  • Photojournalism
  • Portraiture
  • Scapes

You can find out more information about each category in our Membership Manual.

Assigned Subjects


  • January - Effects of Age
    • A person, place or thing showing decline with the passage of time.
  • March - After Dark
    • Use your imagination here - any image taken between the hours of sundown and sunrise, showing the effects that darkness has on photography as well as things that are seen only after sunset.
  • April - Fences
    • Structures serving as an enclosure, a barrier or a boundary intended to prevent escape or intrusion.
  • May - Weeds, Reeds and Seeds
    • Any of various tall grasses that grow especially in wet areas; grains of plants used for sowing; or plants that are not valued or wanted where they are growing.
  • June - Feathers
    • Light flat growths forming the plumage on birds. Your call - shoot your feathers still on the bird, or show them used in another creative way.
  • September - Insects
    • Any of the numerous small invertebrate animals in a class (insecta) of arthropods with head, thorax, and abdomen, three pairs of legs and typically one or two pairs of wings.
  • October - Sand Dunes
    • A hill or ridge of sand piled up by the wind.
  • November - Autumn
    • Any image that portrays the colors, events or activities of the fall season.
  • December - Broken
    • Shattered, damaged or altered. Violently separated into parts.


  • January - Animal Portraits
    • A photograph of an animal in which its face and expression are predominant. However, as with human portraiture, the entire body is also acceptable.
  • March - Ice
    • Water that is frozen becomes ICE. The possibilities are endless here.
  • April - The Color Purple
    • The color PURPLE should be the predominant color in the image.
  • May - Street Scenes
    • Street photography at its finest. A type of photography that features candid subjects within public places. Street photographs are images of society displaying un-manipulated scenes with usually unaware subjects.
  • June - Geometric
    • Points, lines, angles, shapes, circles, squares, triangles etc.
  • September - Twisted Trees
    • A strange or unusual tree or trees – distorted, deformed, warped, bent contorted, etc.
  • October - Country Roads
    • A picturesque road or street in a rural area.
  • November - Nature’s Revenge
    • Images depicting “mother nature” at its worst or one showing the after effects of nature on our society.
  • December - Too Many to Count
    • An abundance of same or similar things, where it would be difficult to count them.

Entry Guidlelines


See page 6 of our Membership Manual for guidelines. Print Label forms can be found here.

Entry Deadline: Prints must be given to the Print Coordinator by 7:10 PM the evening of the competition.


See page 5 of our Membership Manual for guidelines.

Entry Deadline: The deadline to submit images for any monthly competition is always the Wednesday preceding the competition at 12:00 midnight.

Once your images are ready, send them to the Digital Coordinator.

Photo Competition Results

Monthly Scores

Year to Date Scores

Year End Competition

Lifetime - Total Merit Points

PSA Interclub Competition

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