Grand Rapids Camera Club



We compete in the following categories.

  • Assigned
  • Creative
  • Monochrome
  • Nature
  • Open
  • Photojournalism
  • Portraiture
  • Scapes

Please refer to the Membership Manual for a full description of the categories, rules, and procedures of competition.

Click for a brief Summary of Competition Rules.

Assigned Subjects


  • January - Something from your childhood
  • March - Athletes
  • April - Pairs
  • May - Music
  • June - Neon
  • September - In the Garden
  • October - Night Street Scene
  • November - Barns
  • December - Glass


  • January - View from Below
    • The subject should be captured from below looking upward.
  • March - Airborne
    • Anything carried and supported by air. Keep in mind your images should be captured while your subject actually is IN the air, thus airborne.
  • April - Old Vehicles
    • A vehicle is described as "any means by which something travels forward." It could move by wheels, runners, tracks or the like. In addition, it should show signs of age, far advanced in years or been in existence for a long time.
  • May - All in a Row
    • Any number of people or things arranged in a line, usually a straight line. The possibilities are endless.
  • June - Odd or Unusual
    • Peculiar in a strange way, differing from the ordinary; perhaps bizzare.
  • September - Rivers
    • A river is defined as a natural stream of liquid flowing in a definite course.
  • October - Nautical
    • Relating to sailors, ships or navigation.
  • November - Harvest Time
    • The gathering of crops or the season when ripened crops are gathered. Images portraying either the harvesting or the crops themselves would be acceptable.
  • December - Curves
    • A continuously bending line.

Entry Guidlelines


See page 6 of our Membership Manual for guidelines. Print Label forms can be found here.

Entry Deadline: Competition is held the Thursday evening prior to the regular club meeting. Prints must be delivered to the Print Coordinator by 6:30 PM the evening of the competition. You may bring the following month's competition prints to the club meeting (i.e. bring October's print entries to the September meeting).

Prints may also be dropped off at several area locations.

Jan Lewis ( Southeast - ),

Jeanne Quillan (Southwest ),

Becky Humes ( Northwest - ).

Please contact the individual by email to arrange a convenient drop off time.


See page 5 of our Membership Manual for guidelines.

Entry Deadline: Competition is held the Thursday PRIOR to the regular published Club meeting dates. The deadline to submit images for any monthly competition is always the Wednesday preceding the competition at 12:00 midnight (2 weeks prior to the advertised club meeting date)

Once your images are ready, send them to the Digital Coordinator.

If you are having trouble viewing our PDF documents, then please update to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.