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Photography is our passion!

The Grand Rapids Camera Club is a member of the Photographic Society of America and the Southwestern Michigan Council of Camera Clubs. We usually meet once a month for a presentation which is both interesting and informative. This is followed by our photo competition for those members who want to enter. We all get to see the photography of others, and this helps us learn and improve.

Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings!

Club meeting are held the 3rd Wednesday of the month (except for February, July, and August). The meetings start promptly at 7:15 PM, so it is good to arrive about 15 minutes early. We meet at  Grace Episcopal Church at 1815 Hall St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506. Come and visit; you can elect to join our club at any time.  Most meetings are free for guests, but occasionally when we have a paid speaker there is a small $5 fee for non members.

NOTE: During Tim Grey's presentation to our camera club on 3/23/16, he made a special discount available on his GreyLearning "Everything" Bundle. This subscription bundle includes all of the educational content Tim self-publishes, including numerous video training courses, monthly issues of Pixology magazine, and more. With the special club discount you can get this bundle for just $99 per year (regularly $149). To learn more (or take advantage of the discount offer) you can follow this link:

Upcoming Events

June 2017 Meeting

June 21, 2017 at 07:15 PM

Speaker: Randy Nyhof
Program: Randy Nyhof: My Journey in Fine Art Photography

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Field Trip to Boulder Ridge 9/19/15

Field Trip to Boulder Ridge 9/19/15

Featured Photographer

Marilyn Keigley

Marilyn Keigley

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Barn Preservation Project

Barn Preservation Project

Image of the Month

Soul Searching Eyes


Jan Lewis

Selected by:

Steve Port

Why I liked the image.

Usually, animals in captivity are surrounded by fencing that often frustrates a photographer’s attempt to capture an impactful image. Jan overcame this issue by framing the face of her subject through one of the openings in the chain link fence.  In addition, her use of monochrome gave it a subtle “minimalistic” flavor.  This might not be your everyday “club shot” but I liked it. – Steve 

About my image.

I took this image of a Colobus Monkey at John Ball Zoo a few years ago. This was one of their older enclosures which is behind chain link fence, which generally don’t make for a very good image. Sometimes, if a zoo animal is far enough away from the fence, you can shoot through the fence and a shallow DOF renders the fence invisible. Not in this case! The monkey was right up against the fence, so I positioned myself so that his eyes were in full view and in focus and let those soulful eyes tell the story of his life behind bars. – Jan 

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