Grand Rapids Camera Club

June 15 2022 Meeting

The Art of Seeing in Photography: Learning to See Creatively


June 15, 2022 at 07:15 PM


Our June 15 program will be presented by GRCC Member Stephen Burgstahler. Stephen was the recipient of GRCC’s 2021 Photographer of the Year award. Originally from the West Michigan area, he currently resides in South Africa. He has offered in the past to present a program for GRCC, but because of the 7-hour time difference between Grand Rapids and South Africa, it has been difficult to schedule him. However, for a short period of time, he is back in the States! Though still not in GR, he is on the same time zone, so we are going to tap into his expertise for our June 15 program.
Stephen delivered this presentation for PSA members last year and several club members were able to attend... they promise you that you will find it inspiring! You don’t want to miss this one!

The Art of Seeing in Photography: Learning to See Creatively

Presented by Stephen Burgstahler (APSSA, DPSSA, EFIAP, QPSA)

“To see we must forget the name of the thing we are looking at.” ― Claude Monet
Looking is not the same as seeing. We are all unique, we see the world in different ways.
Photography is a medium for visual communication, a universal language that transcends spoken languages. Photography is a human language.
Learning to See and use our cameras to express our way of seeing is a characteristic of great photographers throughout history.
Included in the presentation:
-Learn to see and not just look
-Practical advice for creativity
-Remove hindrances to seeing
-Learn how to use different focal lengths creatively

Zoom Link:

Stephen will be presenting via Zoom. We will be meeting at our GVA location and those that wish to attend in person can do so and will watch his presentation on the big screen. Masking, though not required, is highly recommended given the current uptick and new Covid variants. Those not wishing to attend in person can attend via Zoom.


Originally from Grand Rapids, Stephen Burgstahler is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. His self-taught photographic journey began in 2014 in preparation for a trip to Senegal. Reading books about art and photography is one of his main sources of inspiration. Stephen’s current passion is street photography. His work has received numerous awards in international and national exhibitions including 2nd Runner-Up in the 2021 Marike Bruwer Award for Visual Art and has been exhibited by FIAP at a United Arab Emirates exhibition. He has also been published in several magazines and newsletters. Stephen has a passion for evaluating photographic images and has presented to the Photographic Society of America on the subject. Stephen is also the originator/host of the Creative Journey photography community: “Creative Journey is a community of like-minded photographers exploring individual expression and voice through collaboration, activities and events.” More information may be found at:
Stephen refuses to put photography in a box. The camera is his tool for creative expression.
Speak without words.



  • Meeting begins at 7:15 PM, introduction of visitors, new members, and announcements
  • Program
  • Social break & 50/50 Raffle
  • Monthly Competition
  • End of meeting and cleanup


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