Grand Rapids Camera Club

John Hickey

Grand Rapids Camera Club Hall of Fame 2005

John Hickey joined the Grand Rapids Camera Club (GRCC) in 1982.His interest in photography began with the old Kodak 35 camera, but was put on hold by World War II.After his discharge from the Marine Corp, graduation from Aquinas College, career at General Motors and getting married, his interest in photography returned.

John purchased a Leica #F camera and was off and “shooting”.He resumed processing his black & white film in his basement with a Nikor developing tank and a Solar enlarger, this was an off and on experience until he heard of the Grand Rapids Camera Club and the Grand Rapids Color Slide Club.Don Schmuker invited him to a GRCC meeting; he was impressed by the various speakers such as Joe Timmer, Evelyn Zeek, George Walker, Don Wollender, Jack Carter and Hennalore Ward.“They inspired me to become a better photographer.”

Somewhere along the way John began volunteering for various jobs and was talked into running for elected positions. He was Publicity Chairman: this involved preparing, publishing and delivery GRCC Seminar flyers, contacting news media about club activities.VP of Programs: lining up monthly programs, club workshops, field trips and judging programs.John also served for many years as club Treasurer: collecting dues, monthly financial report, membership records, paying bills, collecting reservations and money for yearly club seminars.John did not hesitate to do anything and everything that required doing.

The club has advanced so much these last few years I hardly recognize it.I wish I was younger to take advantage of everything the club has to offer

- John Hickey