Grand Rapids Camera Club

Jack Carter

Grand Rapids Camera Club Hall of Fame 2004

Jack Carter

Jack Carter joined the Grand Rapids Camera Club in 1973, and from the start he wanted to share his photographic skills.He presented is first slide show to the membership in December of that year. It was presented with taped sound, two projectors and a dissolve system he devised.

Jack was a fierce competitor, by year end in 1974 he had earned GRCC “Master Photographer” award.By 1977 he had already earned 1585 merit points and 84 honors.His subject of choice was nature photography, but challenged himself with the assigned subject and creative images.In 1972 Jack tried to bring a number of camera clubs together by establishing the “Grand Valley Photo Guild”, which consisted of the Grand Rapids Camera Club, the Color Slide Club, the Calder Camera Club, and the River City Camera Club, for interclub competitions, however when several of these camera clubs disbanded the Guild dissolved.

Jack was always innovative and encouraged the clubs to try new things.When digital was introduced to the photography world, Jack was one of the members to purse this new media.He researched and procured GRCC’s first digital projector.He conducted many workshops on digital photography and was one of the presenters at the “Digital Camera and Imaging Seminar” which was well received by many photographers from around the state.

Jack Carter joined the Southwestern Michigan Council of Camera Clubs (SWMCCC) and served as their President for several years.He participated in the SWMCCC Summer Weekend of Photography with nature slide shows and teaching digital and creative photography.Jack was President of River City Camera Club and served as a Director for Grand Rapids Camera Club.