Grand Rapids Camera Club

George Walker

Grand Rapids Camera Club Hall of Fame 2001

George Walker joined the Grand Rapids Camera Club (GRCC) in 1983, it wasn’t long before his wife Betty became an active member.

George jumped right into slide competition at GRCC, receiving a 3rd place in Star Class pictorial slides in his first year of membership.Nature and especially birds, was his favorite photo subject, he and his wife traveled each winter to Florida to photograph the native and migratory birds.George was a very meticulous photographer and spent hours working to perfect his “set ups”.At their residence in Wyoming, MI George used his yard to create scenes and backdrops for his photography.As Betty became more involved with the camera club and George’s love of photography, she got caught up in his enthusiasm and soon was competing, most often in the same category as her accomplished husband.

George participated in GRCC seminars, giving workshops on “Bird Photography” How to set up and take stunning bird portraits in your backyard.He was VP of Equipment for four years and was GRCC mini program chairperson.He was on countless committees from banquet reservations to refreshments. He served as a competition judge, but still managed to compete regularly earning 2203 competition merit points and 158 honors by 1987.

He also became a top exhibitor for the Southwestern Michigan Council of Camera Clubs (SWMCCC) with his workshop type programs.He earned 49 SWMCCC Oscars along with many other awards including the Joe Timmer Award for Most Creative Slide.George was a member of Grand Rapids Color Slide Club, Woodland Photo Club, and River City Camera Club.

George Walker was always eager to share his photographic techniques with other photographers offering tips on lenses, cameras, focusing and exposure.Getting good backgrounds for photos and how to get within frame-filling range of the birds was his favorite topic.