Grand Rapids Camera Club

Don Wollander

Grand Rapids Camera Club Hall of Fame 2003

Don Wollander

Don Wollander joined the Grand Rapids Camera Club in 1965.When the club started their monthly photo competition, Don was one of the first to enter with his nature slides.Don and his wife Shirlee take photos together; the majority are taken right around their farm.When they do go on vacation about 90% of it is spent taking photographs. “You record with a camera in 500th of a second something in nature that will never happen again”.

Several of Don’s bird photographs were used to help launch a new magazine, Birder’s World, published for the bird enthusiast with contributions from world renowned nature photographers.He was listed thirteen out of fourteen years, loosing once to Joe Timmer by one point, as tops in Who’s Who In Nature Photography division of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) Don was voted “Photographer of the Year” in class A nature slides three times by the Grand Rapids Camera Club, and by 1977 he had compiled 3752 merit points and 242 honors.He has been featured in the Grand Rapids Press several times, once for his presentation of his prize-winning work at the 86th Michigan Audubon Society’s state convention, and a full feature article of Don and Shirlee’s story, their nature photography, their adventures and photography tips in Choices a supplement of the Grand Rapids Press.He has also, competed in Southwestern Michigan Council of Camera Clubs (SWMCCC) competitions and earned the distinction of “Best of Authoritative Wildlife”.

Don was a regular at Grand Rapids Camera Club meetings, and still competes with his nature prints.He has served as a competition judge, was on many committees and organizational functions.He also severed for many years as the Competition Chairman.He gave countless slide programs of his nature photography not only to our camera club, but many others as well as churches, schools and John Ball Park Zoo.Don has conducted countless seminars on nature photography and has guided field trips to capture birds and wildlife in their environment.

“Don is laid-back, a careful, methodical man with infinite patience and a delightful sense of humor – the qualities needed to make a world class photographer of wildlife”Choices 1989