Grand Rapids Camera Club

Dave Whitson

Grand Rapids Camera Club Hall of Fame 2002

Dave Whitson

Dave Whitson joined the Grand Rapids Camera Club in 1977.He is basically a self-taught photographer; buying his first camera, a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, in the 8th grade with money from his paper route.By the time he joined the camera club he had moved up to a SLR 35mm, and was shooting slides.He started competing almost immediately, photographing people, landscapes and cityscapes.

Dave has taken many seminars and attended scores of lectures at Photographic Society of America (PSA) sponsored events, Detroit Camera Club seminars, and Southwestern Michigan Council of Camera Clubs (SWMCCC) events.He took his first seminar class under Evelyn Zeek FPSA the “grande dame” of portrait photography.Her techniques with lighting improved the quality of his work and changed his view of amateur photography.Although he still takes landscape photos, most of his efforts are concentrated on photographing portraits and the adult female form.He has an excellent understanding of light and how to control it to emphasize contours through the use of highlights and shadows.

Dave Whitson became involved with the Grand Rapids Camera Club (GRCC) soon after joining.He started out as SWMCCC alternate delegate, then 2 terms as VP of Equipment.He served 2 terms as President, served on the Board of Directors and was Competition Chairman for 10 years.He became chairman of the SWMCCC Summer Weekend of Photography, serving in that position for 10 years.Dave joined PSA in the early 1970’s and was the Program Chairman for the 1986 Convention held in Grand Rapids, MI.He earned an Associate honor in 1987 from PSA.Dave recently returned to International competition after about a thirty-year absence. He was awarded his first Star Exhibitor Award by PSA and has had over 75 Acceptances from International Exhibitions all over the world, sanctioned by PSA and FIAP.

Dave has lectured and taught photography throughout southwest Michigan, including SWMCCC events, and local camera clubs.He teaches photography classes in the Tri-ACE Adult Community Education Program.He is asked to judge photography competitions for several camera clubs in Michigan.